Recruitment Planning

Implement Manpower Planning tools to help your organisation:

Collate recruitment needs for all business entities

Assess and review manpower plan and staffing requirements

Determine exact numbers and positions of vacancies to be filled

Manpower planning


Recruitment Systems

We can help your business set up recruitment systems that enables the following:

Candidate Engagement

  1. Application Tracking
  2. Screening
  3. Interview Tracking
  4. Offer
  5. Onboarding

Employee Referral Systems

Recruitment Outsourcing

We can help you source, screen, and hire the right fit for roles within your organisation. This includes Candidate Sourcing, Screening and Selection.

Recruitment Effectiveness

Measure recruitment effectiveness of recruitment efforts by tracking key recruitment metrics such as

  • Time to fill Vacancy

  • Cost-per-hire,

  • Yield ratio for each recruitment method

  • Retention rates of new hires

  • Hiring managers’ satisfaction


We go beyond Job Placements!

We are maintaining a large database of passive and active candidates. We go beyond Job Placements by empowering youth to become better professionals through empowerment programs and trainings thereby providing businesses with world class employees.



Database Management
We maintain a database of passive and active candidates across all sectors in the economy.

Empowerment and Training
We design our empowerment programs and trainings to ensure candidates have the right skills you need.

We place candidates with high competency levels that meet global standards