Define Framework for Group Transformation Program

Manage Group PMO



Develop program inventory
Conduct project effectiveness assessment


  • Direct programs
  • Monitor & control programs
  • Manage Dependencies & Interfaces between Programs
  • Transfer knowledge to Group PMO
  • Track & Report Value Realisation


Project Inventory
Project effectiveness Assessment
High level Transformation Plan

  • Group Program Monthly Status Report
  • Enterprise Value Scorecard
  • Group Program Risk & Issue Report
  • Supplier Database
  • Change Request Tracking Log
  • Automated Resource Database

Establish Group PMO CapabilitiesManage Group PMO

  • Develop Program Management Framework
  • Develop Program & Project Management Methodology & Processes
    • Staff Project Management Office
  • PM Framework
  • PM Governance Structure
    • PM Approach
      • Project & Program Mgt. Templates
    • PM Workbench
      • PM Plans
    • Group PMO Dashboard
    • Staff Group PMO
    • Trained Program & Project Managers


We will take inventory of your actions and steps, collaborate with your employees to identify missing parts, empower them while creating ownership.

Build an array of optimized processes with our tools and deploy with close monitoring to ensure adoption.


We will identify important components of your processes through diagnostic assessments.

Determine the goal, process dynamics, activities, steps and stakeholders involved.

Identify & eliminate wastes through data / trend assessments and redesign processes.


We will successfully pilot your
re-engineered processes before automating.

Deploy solutions that can achieve the required turnaround time, process quality and effectiveness.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Some big organizations struggle with creating uniform processes across all outlets / departments.

How can we assist? We will conduct organization based research to identify variations and their causes, redesign a uniform model and pilot.