Project Management

We can help you set up a Project Management Office (PMO)




Define Framework for Group Transformation Program


Develop program inventory
Conduct project effectiveness assessment


Project Inventory
Project effectiveness Assessment
High level Transformation Plan


Establish Group PMO Capabilities

  • Develop Program Management Framework
  • Develop Program & Project Management Methodology & Processes
    • Staff Project Management Office

PM Framework

    PM Governance Structure

    • PM Approach
      • Project & Program Mgt. Templates
    • PM Workbench
      • PM Plans
    • Group PMO Dashboard
    • Staff Group PMO
    • Trained Program & Project Managers

Manage Group PMO


  • Direct programs
  • Monitor & control programs
  • Manage Dependencies & Interfaces between Programs
  • Transfer knowledge to Group PMO
  • Track & Report Value Realisation
  • Group Program Monthly Status Report
  • Enterprise Value Scorecard
  • Group Program Risk & Issue Report
  • Supplier Database
  • Change Request Tracking Log
  • Automated Resource Database

Handover PMO

  • Develop Program Management Framework
  • Transition PMO to operations
  • Handover note
  • Transition of operations

Process Creation & Optimization

It is not as difficult as you think