Excellence is a moving target

At W&A Consulting, our vision is simple:

"To build an ecosystem of contemporary and simple solutions to difficult problems"

We believe that with our best-in-class resources, especially in the wake of the 4th industrial revolution, we can deliver services to create a whole new frontier for our clients.

Our core values include:

Value Realization: As a priority, we will work with you and monitor your services to ensure you are wowed and see the value we bring

Innovation: To stay relevant, we must constantly improve and drive ideas that challenge conventional views and drive disruption

Cognitive Flexibility: Our agile nature enables us to spontaneously restructure solutions to meet your changing priorities

Excellence: We believe in continuous improvement and are driven to surpass our achievements 

Service Orientation: We take pride in providing quality service to our partners at all times

Meet The Team

Toun Sulaimon

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Managing Partner

Ayo Ogunlowo

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Partner, Advisory

Firi Adoki

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Partner, Operations Support